… into taking correct decisions for myself!

My bodygraph

All that wasn’t working for me is revealed by looking at the openness of my bodygraph.

My life used to consist of reliving the same patterns over and over again when it came to work, energy, relationships, friendships, etc. I was so fed up with feeling bored and as if I didn’t really have a life. My life! I kept holding on to things that were not good for me, I worked too hard without there being any purpose to it and even though it would exhaust me, I kept caring for others to the detriment of my own health, people kept running over me and taking me for granted, I was emotionally afraid, the thoughts I had spinning over and over were not relevant to my life, and I wasn’t able to express myself, etc. In all of that there was one thing that was painfully lacking and that was recognition.

It is impossible to get recognition that is of any value for doing things that has got nothing to do with you.

What I was looking for in life was a way for “better” decision-making since I was painfully aware of that my decision-making ability was really screwed up. I tried self-help books and such, but they didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t until I got introduced to Human Design in 2010 that I came across something that made sense in a practical way for me. Instead of somehow trying to “be” or “do” a concept or will yourself into something that is simply not possible neither energetically nor mechanically the Human Design System offers a practical strategy to life based on an individualised strategy. I was given a strategy of waiting for others to approach me. This made perfect sense since I had really come to see over the years that it doesn’t work for me to approach others.

The Human Design System is a logical system that explains the energetic mechanics of the Maya. It is not a belief system, but something that is to be individually tried and tested. It is a science of differentiation as we are all unique and what it does is that it opens up a path way that provides a chance for anyone to love themselves and to live out their own uniqueness.