The Human Design system is a description of not-self human characteristics. These homogenised patterns are what we can relate to. Strategy and authority and a detachment from the notion that mind knows anything about running your life is what can get you to a place where you can live out your own uniqueness. And when you get to that place the descriptions of the not-self characteristics becomes obsolete. What I see happening to a large extent is that people want to identify and attach themselves to something and thereby take the descriptions of the not-self characteristics as something to hold on to. I am this type, I have this profile, I have this and that gate, etc.

If you want to attach yourself to anything I suggest it is for every decision to be made taking a step back mentally and watching what your body does with it, if anything. Also, be observant on how you practice your strategy.

If you are a generator and you are here to wait to respond the mind can really have a field day with it. It is easy to fall into trap of the mind using the strategy as another way of initiating. Mind will do anything to keep its power. Instead of just letting you be in a peaceful state of waiting it will insist on you finding out with your response about a thousand different ideas it has come up with. Let’s get someone to ask about if I want to go on a holiday etc. This is just another way for your mind to initiate and to stay in control.

The same goes for projectors and the mental trap of what constitutes recognition and an invitation. It takes at least seven years of projectors recognising the other before they can be recognised themselves for the guidance that they are here to offer. Since, the quality of invitations are based on if the other person is recognising you, or not, I have found that putting on hold any expectations in regards to invitations for the first seven years of de-conditioning makes for a less painful journey.