The strategy of waiting for the invitation is meant to give projectors an opportunity to start seeing the energy in the world around them by not moving towards it. It opens up a chance to align the seeing of the projector. Projectors are here to guide energy, but that has to start with a deep de-conditioning period of unlearning whatever you think you know about how energy works. In the beginning there is no other way but to disregard whatever you think you are seeing as holding any kind of truth or value to the other.

Waiting is the starting point of clearing out what is stuck in all the undefined places. No matter your design, we all have more openness than definition. The beauty of Human Design is that it defines your limitations and in defining those limitations it gives you your differentiation; your specific way of seeing and being in the world. As a projector you are here not only to have your own specific way of seeing and being, but also you are here to recognise the other’s way of seeing and being. In fact if you are not able to recognise other people you are ultimately not going to be able to recognise what is you. De-conditioning for a projector is essentially a recognition program. If we look at the generator-projector symbiosis as a binary, then in the same way a generator is given the exact place from where it functions the opposite holds true for a projector. In practice this means that as a projector you have first to recognise everything that is not you, because it is in the recognition of the other that you will ultimately find yourself.

“Doing nothing” is a concept that is thrown around a lot in the Human Design world. The “doing nothing” for a generator is a chance for them to wait for something to respond to. For a projector “doing nothing” is not the equivalent of waiting to be invited. In fact, if the “doing nothing” is correctly performed it is a 24/7 job of studying, recognising, processing and integrating. We live in a strategic world where the projector work is not recognised as work, because it is an inside job that is individual and therefore not comparable nor quantifiable. To start de-conditioning as a projector adult is the same as starting a work where there are no holidays, and once you are in it there is not even an emergency break to get off the train. This mission will take you on the ride of a life-time, if you choose to accept it.