In my contemplations I have found that a formal invitation as a projector high point for the four big things in life (friendship, love, a place to live and work) is a guiding rule. Basically, wait to be invited is a clever way of getting projectors to take a step back mentally and in that becoming aware of energy mechanics. I admire to bits the way Ra assimilated and synthesized the Human Design System as to be something that could be practically applied to completely transform one’s life. The simplicity of the synthesis being brought up to the surface and in that deduced down to four homogenised strategic ways to becoming yourself is mind blowing. It is also taking the piss out of the 7 centred strategic life, if you get the joke! So, don’t get lost and be fooled by the word invitation, that concept relates to a seven centred way of being, because that is what we recognise and relate to. The goal is not necessarily to receive invitations, the real goal is becoming aware of and seeing the underlying mechanics of the Maya.

If you radically keep to your strategy and authority, and vigorously keep questioning the idea that your mind knows anything about the direction of your life at some point your life will move from being based on seven centres to nine centres, and then you no longer need a handbook in becoming yourself. It is only the seven centred life that can be described homogeneously. How your particular life will look as a nine centred being only you can uniquely live out and express. My best advice is to get stuck in and be radical about applying as much strategic effort you possible can into following your strategy. Having a simple and practical tool to experiment with is what separates Human Design from other systems. It gives the simplest thing to experiment with, but it is admittedly nothing but easy.

For me a nine centred invitation is a space opening up in my frequency accepting the other to be themselves. And the same goes for the other way around, an invitation from another or even an environment is a space in frequency opening up accepting me being me. I also want to add that in that for me there is no difference in between types, i.e. the frequency of that space feels the same regardless of whether the other person has e.g. an enveloping generator aura or a closed manifestor aura. 9 centred life is beyond types, definition, etc., but in order to get there as a projector you really have to dig deep down into understanding every single little mechanical aspect of human life as we know it.