In the summer of 2013 when I was out walking I suddenly physical turned around to see where I was coming from – metaphorically speaking – though I actually turned physically. I was trying to make sense out of things since my journey looks so chaotic, disorganised and haphazardly from the outside! As I turned around I had a vision of a straight rail way track running through a forest of high trees. When I turned forward again to continue my walk I came to a sudden halt. As I had turned the scenery had changed from a forest of high trees into a dense impenetrable fog with a black void opening up right in front of my feet.

The imagery was so vivid and the meaning of it so clear that I felt like I had just been kicked in my G. I doubled over from the intensity and almost threw up. It just became so clear to me in that instant that every step I take is a step straight into the void. There is no knowing of what is coming.

This experience really helped me with relaxing and being more comfortable with not knowing.