As not-self there is not much waiting to respond, or waiting for invitations going on. Rather, the not-self mind becomes really clever at manipulating others into hopefully providing what the mind thinks that it wants. I know, it took me years tracking it and stopping it.

Baiting people into providing you with what you think that you want is not the same as waiting.

Below, a conversation I had with a projector friend.
– This invitation thing doesn’t work. He asked me for my phone number and then he didn’t call.
– Me sheepishly, how did he come about to ask for your number?
– My friend, oh, aha (it was if I could actual hear her get it), I pointed out that he had asked a lot of men for their numbers and no women. Oops.

This is initiating disguised by manipulation.

The Maya is built on mechanics, and there is no such thing as being more clever than the mechanics. Though, there is Strategy & Authority, and watching what your mind is up to.