There are all these homogenised books and teachings about how to take decisions or how to do what somebody else has done in order to achieve money, fame and success, which are all based on that the same formula applies for everyone. That we as humans are to be perceived as to be able to all be, do, and see the same things. There is no differentiation, no inclusion of that we are all different.

The Human Design System is not a “look-how-I-did-it-and-if-you-follow-that-you-can-have/be-this-too” thing. It is a system that provides tools for differentiation. We are all unique.

Today I received approximately the 11,504th email this year from a person telling me that they don’t know what to do with their life. And like all of the others, this person asked me if I had any ideas of what they could do, where they could start, where to “find their passion.” And of course, I didn’t respond. Why? Because I have no clue. If you don’t have any idea what to do with yourself, what makes you think some jackass with a website would? I’m a writer, not a fortune teller. – Mark Manson

Human Design is for anyone …

  • who wants to get to know themselves better;
  • that wants to get rid of the need of relying on others to make decisions;
  • that is struggling with energy levels, whether it is lack of energy or having energy which they don’t know how to spend in a satisfactory way;
  • having the sense that they are living out the same pattern over and over again and not knowing how to get out of that rut;
  • that is sick of suffering from their own mental chatter, etc.

Human Design is about getting to know yourself and to realign the frequency you are putting into the world. We are all here to uniquely contribute with our own frequency as being part of the whole. We are all living out our design, but there is a huge difference if living it out by taking correct decisions for oneself or if living it out by taking decisions that are conditioned by others, planets, groups, society etc. Human Design is a practical system that is based on experimenting with a specific strategy as a first step towards taking correct decisions for yourself based on your own unique decision-making mechanism.

It is not easy and it is by no means a quick fix. It takes seven years to change most of the cells in your body that are programmed to live life as you used to. Though, after 3½ years there are enough cells transformed for life to be experienced as completely different.

It also takes a lot of courage and effort to go against the homogenised world we are living in. Still, it is not the homogenised world that is going to be the biggest issue in the end, but your own mind. Yes, your own mind is going to give you the battle of a life time. Mind is set on running your life when in fact it is the body that knows where it is going and who it wants to take that journey with. Mind is great for comparing stuff, providing ideas and inspiration etc., but it hasn’t got a clue about how to take correct decisions for you.

The aim of the game is to take correct decisions for oneself. The tools that Human Design provide to achieve this is strategy, inner authority and a detailed description of how your mind is trying to run your life based on conditioning and homogenisation. It is simple. Not easy, but very simple. The basic idea is that it is so simple that the mind will be willing to try it out, because it cannot see the harm in that. Later on when the body starts taking over the decision-making process mind will not be happy with that. Not happy at all. It is about that point where life starts getting interesting.